650nm Laser Physiotherapy Wrist Diode LLLT for Diabetes Hypertension Treatment Diabetic Watch Laser Sinusitis Therapy

650nm Laser Physiotherapy Wrist Diode LLLT for Diabetes Hypertension Treatment Diabetic Watch Laser Sinusitis Therapy


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The Function mechanism Adopting 650NM laser noninvasive irradiate on the damaged nasal tissue.To activate and repairs mucosal cell,speed the local blood circulation and help to absorb inflammatory exudation and edema, Fundamentally improve itself immunity and detoxification and metabolism to treat the kinds of rhinitis diseases. [Indication] Semiconductor laser treatment instrument applies to the treatment applies to the treatment of hyperviscosemia, hyperlipidemia, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular ischemic diseases and rhinitis. Allergic rhinitis, chronic rhinitis, nasosinusitis, atrophic rhinitis, otitis media, tinnitus, chronic pharyngitis. Adjutant therapy to lower blood viscosity, reduce blood fat and cardiovascular diseases. Contraindication: The following conditions is strictly prohibited;pregnant,cancer,hemorrhage diseases. The person who suffers acute myocardium infarction, stoke or diseases with hemorrhagic tendency is forbidden to use this instrument. Keep the laser away from pupil area when the laser radiates.

Wrist irradiation:

1.Our device adopt 650nm laser irradiate the acupoint.

2.It will penetrate our vessel wall.

3.We can absorb the laser energy to produce the lipopotein lypase,the lypase will decompose the fat garbage in the blood so that improve the microcirculation.

4.Improve the red blood cell carrying oxygen capacity so as to purify the blood or hyperviscosity.improve the islet function, make the insulin secretion to normal level.

5.It can lower the hyperlipidemia, hyperglycemia, hypertention. diabetes.  




Nasal cavity irradiation:

1. Our nasal cavity have large number of the capillary.

2.It’s more easy to stimulate the nasal nerve.improve the skull blood circulation and whole microciculation.

3.transport more oxygen and nutrition to our brain.

4.Finally prevent the cerebral thrombosis stroke, sudden death, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular. 

How to operate the semiconductor laser therapeutic instrument?

1. Firstly, wear only for left hand(inside). The device’s back part correspond with the first line of your wrist .

2. Then, stick the nasal cavity head into your nose for 2-3 cm and clamp the nasal septum.

3. Long press on/off key to turn on the power.  press T key to choose the time .and then press Again on/off key to start the treatment 

 ( notice: long press of the on/off key will shut down the instrument). 

you can see the laser coming out from the phototherapy instrument probe during the treatment.

4.Time key is also can choose the mode.It have two modes.mode A–Host machine and accessories all work. Mode B- Only accessories can work.you can choose as you required.

5. After the treatment is finished, long press on/off key to shut down the instrument. Store in a safe place after cleaning ( gently wipe by tissue) the therapy head.

6. If you choose the other accessories. Insert them into treatment socket.( these accessories can not use in the same time.)Press the on/off key to start the treatment.

Product Principle

Adopts low-intensity laser with the wavelength of 650nm , through the noninvasive irradiate the blood vessels of the human body (radial artery, Neiguan acupoint,Daling acupoint,ulnar artery and nasal cavity).To improve hemodynamic, blood fat and blood sugar metabolism through photochemical effects,thereby improving the oxygen carrying capacity and the deformability of red blood cells, decreasing the blood viscosity, reducing the blood fat,lowering blood pressure and improving the blood sugar, and finally achieving the purpose of treating hypertension, hyperlipaemia and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.




Clinical Test


After 30 minutes treatment :

Through the microscope we can observe the red cells activated, it appears single and back to normal.  

After 1 month to 3months treatment : 

Headache, dizziness, chest tightness, shortness of breath, palpitations, drowsiness, insomnia, numbness, memory loss and other symptoms change or disppear. 

After 3 months treatment :

User tests changes in blood flow, blood tests, blood viscosity, cholesterol, triglyceride, low density lipoprotein, or other indicators fall back to normal.

After 6 months and long term treatment :

Effectively improve and treat some diabetic, specially type2 diabetic sufferer. Effectively the balance of their pancreas function. Long-term using will reject cardiovacular and cerebrovascular dieases, such as cerebral thrombosis, stroke and sudden death etc.




Before Treatment: polluted blood within large amounts of toxic and hamful substances, atheromatous plaques are obvious in blood vessel.

After Treatment: clean blood like renewed one after laser therapy. Atheromatous plaque all disappeared.



















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  • Brand Name: Raiuleko
  • Origin: China Mainland
  • Application: Wrist
  • Item Type: Physiotherapy Instrument
  • Size: 60x65x22mm
  • Material: medical pvc
  • Model Number: H350
  • Product Name: Laser Therapy Watch
  • Laser output: 6/7/8
  • Display: LCD screen
  • Working voltage: DC 3.7V
  • Applicable battery: Lithium Ion Battery
  • Usage Time: 10-60 Minutes(Adjustment)
  • Strength: 6 Grade (Adjustment)
  • Plug: US/EU/UK/AU
  • Function 1: Lower blood sugar
  • Function 2: Rhinitis Treatment
  • Function 3: Hypertension Treatment
  • Function 4: Thrombosis Treatment
  • Function 5: Cholesterol Treatment
  • Feature 1: Diabetic Therapy
  • Feature 2: diabetes laser
  • Feature 3: Diabetic Watch
  • Feature 4: Diabetic Wrist Watch
  • Feature 5: Diabetic Watch Laser
  • Feature 6: Laser Watch
  • Feature 7: sinusitis laser
  • Feature 8: Diabetic Wrist Watch
  • Feature 9: Laser Physiotherapy Wrist Watch
  • Feature 10: Sinusitis Wrist Watch
  • Feature 11: Diabetic Therapy instrument
  • Feature 12: Rhinitis treatment device
  • Feature 13: laser therapy
  • Feature 14: sinusitis treatment
  • Feature 15: low level laser therapy
  • Feature 16: laser sinusitis

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